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 If you can collect, the meat will be available from The Squire Farm, alternatively I can deliver up to 10 miles from Chapel Lawn.

Friesland sheep are usually used for milking; they are native to the East Friesland area of Holland and a few were imported into Britain around 45 years ago to be used for crossing with native British breeds to improve their mothering and milking abilities.   The British Friesland Sheep are all descended from those few original imports. 

I have had my flock of Friesland sheep for 26 years, starting with just 5 ewes and borrowing a ram for the first year.  All my sheep today are descended from just one ewe; they are prolific (have lots of lambs), large boned, produce lots of milk and  beautiful soft wool.  What is not so well known is that they also produce very tasty, lean meat, which you are unlikely to find in a butchers shop.  At the moment I have Friesland wethers available, they are two and three years old and are therefore classified as mutton.  However, these are not old ewes - tough and gristly - but sheep kept specifically for the purpose.  The meat is lean, succulent and tasty.

Last year, I decided that the Shropshire climate was not suited to the soft skinned Frieslands and after 25 years of breeding them, I am now changing over to Cheviots, which are a hardy mountain breed from Northern England.

I have 20 acres of pasture and woodland which the sheep graze.  They have access to all sorts of plants and herbage and will browse the low trees and hedges finding plants which contain minerals and vitamins and natural medicines.   The sheep will  usually be fed some concentrates during the winter, when the grass is not growing and the ewes are brought inside at lambing time.

The meat is totally traceable as it goes straight from Squire Farm to the slaughter house in Bishop's Castle.  There it is all packed ready to go into your freezer; be warned that the joints can be quite large.  If you would like a whole (approx 24 Kg) or half carcass (12 Kg), please contact me by phone or e-mail.  A whole or half animal is just £9.50/kg and please allow at least 3 weeks from sending your order in to receiving your meat and accept that it could be longer. 



Leg; whole or half on the bone (2 - 5 kg)


Shoulder; whole or half on the bone (1.5 - 2.5 Kg)